Individual and Couples Therapy

Focuses on improving, managing and fostering positive, healthy relationships with your extended family, peers, friends, employers, children, spouse or significant other. Our working together is a collaborative process, will include identifying goals and a treatment plan to help you move towards once again enjoying your life and your relationships to the fullest. Some examples may include:

  • Identifying behavioral patterns, thought patterns and work on re-framing, restructuring as needed.
  • Identifying communication styles, boundaries, fears, insecurities and work on improving areas of need.
  • Identifying your strengths and coping mechanisms that are working well.
  • Identifying Attachment patterns & styles that may be conflicting. Deepen your connections and understanding of each other's love languages.
  • Work on enhancing your conflict resolution skills, communication styles, emotional intelligence as we process the present difficulties & let go of the hurt, damage or things holding you stuck.  Find relief from the conflicts slowly tearing away at your bond and best self.  


 Parent/child Therapy

Parenthood is a symbiotic relationship that starts in utero and one that changes through a child's stages of development & growth. A parent's role changes as the child's needs change.  The main goal is to partner with you in fostering a healthy growing up and a positive parent/child relationship.

In our working together we may focus on: 

  • Identifying parenting styles, attachment styles, concepts of identity, independence and interdependence. 
  • Will be utilizing concepts of Parent/Child Interactive Therapy, Play Therapy, Emotion Regulation- to work on supporting your child's growth & development
  • Help improve pro-social behaviors, decrease negative behaviors and when needed, learn new behavior management techniques.  


Play Therapy 

Sand Tray/Art Therapy - In working with children ages 5-12 and at times up to 13-14.  I use the care free, sensory stimulating expressive medium of sand and sand trays, markers and or paint for drawing, painting.  This is a non-intrusive and age appropriate way for children to process and express their thoughts, feelings, magical thinking & wishes of what is or may never be. This process taps into their creative nature, right side of the brain where creativity resides.  For most children play comes naturally while for a few, it may take a little time to get comfortable.  In turn, children may naturally; 

  • process conflict, learn to problem solve, gain insight (depending on age) into what their feelings are, find a safe way to release difficult feelings they may otherwise be experiencing behaviorally as nightmares, angry outbursts, or through anxious or depressive means.

Adolescent/Teen Individual Therapy 

The adolescent years are a developmental stage of crucial importance for one's identity.  Your child has entered an age of higher levels of critical thinking.  With that comes a need to question views, norms and the world; disagreements, confusion, rebellion and the expression of one's views may already be present.  If you've reached a place of difficulty, your teenager son/daughter may be needing someone else, aside from friends or yourself, to process difficult thoughts and feelings.  In a supportive, non-judgmental environment, we may work on: 

  •  Identifying high risk behaviors, peer pressures, bullying, dating violence, ambivalence, compulsions and decision making pressures, uncertainties, fears. 
  • This may also include the need to work on unresolved issues of the past that may be causing one to be stuck, in crisis or relying on high risk mechanisms to cope.  
  • Work on empowering healthy choices, enhance problem solving skills and support the development of a healthy self esteem and identity.